Thursday, May 04, 2006

Dad Thinks I Was Fat

At least that's what Cookie Queen thinks he's implying in the comments of the Ironwoman post. He just doesn't get to see me as often as my friend's wife does (wink wink nudge nudge), so the twenty pounds I'm missing since last time he was here is more noticable to him. If I'd give up all that eating out at Culver's and Chipotle topped with beer and ice cream, I might be a rail, albeit an extremely crabby rail.

I'm updating my template in a minute to include a pictorial link to TCBC, the Twin Cities Bicycling Club. I should have done it two years ago as I credit them for getting me reinvolved in cycling, and some of my fondest memories of the last give years are cycling trips with the group (even if they can't find all my mileage credit - but then again, it's not like I make the 1000-miler list). If you're from the Twin Cities and you like to bike, I strongly recommend taking a few rides with them - they have all levels of rides and hundreds of them...a month. The July 4th Watermelon Ride is particularly fun (I do the data entry - woo hoo) and family friendly, and I rode it with my in-laws before Eryn, and now we all ride it while I pull Eryn in the Burley.

And finally, the new blogger I e-met yesterday (is he Pete Ryan...or Peter Yan?) had a very funny link on his blog, a MS 150 parody of Brokeback Mountain called Brokebike Mountain on YouTube. There are some other movies along the same theme - seems like a series - but that one is hilarious.


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Glad you liked it! It was on the website a few weeks back.