Tuesday, May 16, 2006


First off - a thanks to all the MNSpeakers who visited today. There was a nice big bump in my hit count from all of you coming over to check out the reproductive logo - thanks for the visit.

My June 2006 Harper's came in the mail today, and in the "Readings" section, there's a bit called "[Testimonials] We Know Jack", detailing a few pieces of the 262 letters written in support of Jack Abramoff (not to Harper's, mind you). My favorite is the use of classical mythology to illuminate Abramoff and his situation. I'm don't think several thousand years from now they'll be telling mythological stories about the whole Bush Administration, and if they are, I don't think they'll be parables about the firey glory of trying to overachieve (I really hope not):
"The ancient Greeks told of Icarus, whose man-made wings allowed him to fly too close to the sun until they melted and could not support him. That's Mr. Abramoff: he flew too high, and fell. Had Icarus survived, he would have had superb advice for other fliers."

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She says said...

Hey, just thought you should know about this -- something to keep in mind the next time you vet a prospective renter for your houses.

I personally think it was a performance art exhibit...