Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Power of Three Meme

You follow one meme, lose your meme virginity, and all of the sudden everyone thinks your loose. Bloggers... She Says tagged me, so I will try my best to play the part of tagged, though I think these things might actually change on a daily basis - I'm not known for being of incredibly firm opinions.

The Power of Three: See Spot run.
Three things you'd like to SEE in your lifetime, whether or not you think it's likely.
1. Any minority President of the United States (that doesn't mean Catholic) - see question #3.
2. A permanent colony on another planetoid.
3. Eryn (my daughter) the age I am now (actually, I most want to see a grandkid, but more than that I want to see my daughter happy, and that might not include a grandkid).

Three SPOTs that you have visited that are "must see".
1. London and the surrounds - one of my fondest memories as I went when I was young and by myself. I'm a bit partial to the city because I have a (English) History major with a secondary major in (English) literature, so every step I took was walking through one of my books.
2. Blue Spring State Park in Florida - manatees and a big hole through/under the mountain that you can (or could) swim over with a particularly eerie feeling that you might suddenly be sucked away. It's beautiful and I've never forgotten it - so it had an impact.
3. Chicago - New York for Midwesterners. I love the skyline, I love the buildings, I love the art and the museums, I love the food, and I love their choice of politicians (see question #1 and #3).

Three people you'd like to see RUN for public office and why.
1. Al Franken - but not for the reasons She Says gave. I want him to run because I live in the state he's likely to run in and it would give Powerline and folks on the right an aneurism if he won. They'd be convinced we'd returned to the days of Wellstone.
2. Barack Obama. Yeah, yeah...I know he's already run and he's a U.S. Senator. I'm looking forward to the day he runs for a higher office (see question #1).
3. My coworker, Erik. I already know he's electable, even with the beard, because I've seen his doppleganger in office (as a righty). I like his politics, I like his beer choices, and people like him - he should be destined for shinier things than his current job. If not him, then his long-term girlfriend should run and he could be the activist first spouse.

If I must tag someone, I tag Pooteewheet, Cookie Queen and Lissy Jo. Not Mean Mr. Mustard - I can't be sure he has three friends.

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Anonymous said...

Some of those memories included a night in a federal park in DC. going into a parking ranp with bikes on top of the car. and other ...............