Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pharyngula Blogs Lil Markie

Oh, man, is this scary. I had heard one of the MP3s before, but never actually seen the video of Lil'Markie (mov). It's terrifying. You need to sit through the first part to get to the parts that make your skin crawl. I can't believe there's a whole congregation who a.) wanted him to come sing, b.) sat through his singing, c.) clapped when he was done. That just seems like Minnesota nice...clapping that's so subtle in its sarcasm that you don't realize it's sarcastic because those doing the clapping don't know they're being sarcastic. But I doubt that was the deal - I bet they really liked it, and that's almost more frightening than the singing.

If you need to listen to Lil' Markie's Christian stylings, you can hit WFMU's Beware of the Blog. And if you have obnoxiously Christian friends, maybe this is what you need to subject them to at Christmas and as presents on Christian-themed holidays. After all, they created Lil' Markie, they should have to pretend to enjoy him.

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