Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Fond Memories For Kyle - Tsuki

Just a post for Kyle, so he can revisit it from time to time and have fond memories...

1 Hitachino
1 Kirin Ichiban
1 Glass Pour 01Cha. St. Roe
1 Glass Pour Diet Coke
1 Beni Toro Nigiri
1 Smoked Duck Nigiri
1 Spicy Tako Nigiri
1 Shime Saba Nigiri
1 Smoked Duck Nigiri
1 Spicy Tako Nigiri
1 Uni Nigiri
1 Kappa Maki
1 Unagi Cucumber Maki
1 Philadelphia Maki
1 Crazy Tuna Maki
1 Honey Miso Steak
1 Pasta Stick (Eryn's!)
1 Oyster Shooter and Shot
2 Tobiko Nigiri (Wasbi) - extra $0.50 for quail eggs
2 Smoked Duck Nigiri
1 Green Tea Ice Cream (with Boysenberry on top)

3/20/2006 - Tsuki Japanese Restaurant and Lounge, 1441 W. Fullerton Ave., Chicago, IL.


She says said...

And how much did that little swim with the sushi set you back?

Scooter said...

In the $150 range, including tip and evil 10% Chicago tax - but for four people including a 2 year old. And we stayed in a crappy Motel 6 which freed up quite a bit of cash.

She says said...

Actually, for four people, that's not bad at all...

I am sure the Moonies appreciated the support.


Scooter said...

Quit saying things like that - I have a trip to Chicago coming up and I'm going to plug my ears and sing while I eat sushi just so I can't hear the chanting.

Anonymous said...

Believe me, I don't need a list to bring back fond memories of the sushi forays in Chicago.

Thankfully, my memory of the worst food item I have ever consumed to date (Uni), is effectively washed away by the exceptional memories of smoked duck sushi, the $8 cut of fatty tuna at Kamehachi, and the two very different, but equally delicious, oyster shooters consumed on that trip.

That's just the sushi highlights - all the sushi was great & makes me wish I lived closer to Chicago. Actually, it makes me want to plan a road trip :)

She says said...

Ummm, that does sound good.

Ever had scallops? Love 'em. Hamachi, unagi, toro... Yum.

Years ago when I visited the aquarium in Osaka, I overheard a Japanese tourist who was looking at the giant crabs say "Oishii." -- which means "oh, that looks tasty!" And I thought to myself, would any American look at a cow and say "Yum!"?

Food for thought.

She says said...

Check this out.

That's too much for me, I have to admit.

Anonymous said...

I've had/cut fish that fresh (please note, I did dispatch the fish before cutting), but on those occasions I dredged the resulting fish filets in seasoned flour & plunged them into hot oil - with delicious results I might add...

I would have tried scallops on the trip (they were on the menus), but I couldn't quite picture what they would be like. In retrospect they would've had to have been a better choice than the Uni ;)

She says said...

Uni. Ick.

Definitely do scallops next time.