Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Penis

We once again had Easter festivities at our house this year, for my family and various extensions to my family that were willing to eat turkey (last several years) and ham (this year - was easier to cook than turkey, but Pooteewheet's cheesy hashbrowned potatoes wouldn't cook through after a lengthy stint in both the stove and microwave).

So...some pictures of the event. Conner/P'mon during the egg hunt, blowing bubbles with the crack pipes the Easter Bunny left him and Eryn. This was about the only picture I have of him not in a pink tutu. Eryn really liked her pipe and spent a lot of time pouring bubbles all over her arm, the pipe stem and the ground. You can't see him, but Cancer Bunny is somewhere in the background! We thought he was dead, but he made a special appearance for Easter, great big tumors and all. He's either very tough or Easter really is about resurrection.

Conner and Eryn looking for some eggs. Pink tutu in evidence. Eggs visible in the background.

My niece being a serious cutie. My happa happa bunny rabbit joke just made my sister groan. She's a good sister/aunt; she actually went out to Chuck E. Cheese with us tonight for Eryn's third birthday even though my niece isn't old enough to really do much (although her sugar-deprived system seemed to be thriving on the sugar-added pizza sauce they feed kids at C.E.C.).

A squished egg. Pooteewheet can't cook them right - at least not this batch. And Conner didn't seem capable of not stepping on them. It's ok, because Eryn was pretty sure that any eggs left by the Easter Bunny were going to look like this anyway, considering he sits on all of them.

At one point, our neighbors, Steve, Ty and Christy came home (from vacation in West Virginia - thanks for the beer mug! ummm...go Mountees?) and were practicing pitching a baseball in the backyard - so I threw one of the eggs across the immediate neighbors' yard and into their yard. They proceeded to throw the three pieces (or so) back, which came no where near our yard, instead landing in the other neighbors' yard and actually on the roof of the inbetween neighbors' house. They'll be wondering what the hell the Easter bunny was doing up there for a long time!

And finally, the snake in a can that's really a penis in a can that I secretly wedged in Cookie Queen's license plate before they left and then told them about when they got home. In my defense, it was actually Dan'l penis and he left it at our house quite some time ago, so I was just returning it. And, Pooteewheet found it while doing Easter cleaning. Not to mention, Easter is about reproduction... I'm surprised you don't see more of them on Easter.

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