Sunday, April 09, 2006

Chalk Drawings

Pooteewheet has a nice picture up of Eryn and I taking our first Burley ride of the year - we went to the library. I've never been to the library before it opened before, and it greatly confused Eryn. She was sure there had to be some mistake. It was kind of creepy, as all the people standing around waiting looked like some extended scene from Dawn of the Dead, or groupies at the doors to a concert for a really bad rock band.

It wasn't really necessary to wear the gloves -it wasn't that cold - and I even biked back in a t-shirt, which given the uphill climb, with a Burley, and a little girl who's not as little as she was last year, and the headwind, was a good idea, because I was working the 1x3 gear for all it was worth and getting a little sweaty. It's my plan to actually bring Eryn home from daycare in the Burley now and then, so I'll get plenty of practice going up that same hill.

Eryn and Conner also made some chalk drawings that Pooteewheet didn't post. Left to right, top to bottom you can observe Eryn with her Cookie Monster sweatshirt on. Eryn as a boy. Two-headed Eryn (she was sure one of those heads was mine at first - but now she just seems a little worried about the whole two-headed Eryn thing - it was the result of her hoodie). And...umm...the chalk drawing Conner/P'mon's mom made of him. I think that's supposed to be his butt - although I'm not sure why it's on the front. Do your own psychoanalysis (clickable for larger consideration).

And what is this thing on my car? From far away, I was worried it was a rat, but up close it just seemed to be a piece of carpet. I'm confused as to how it got there, and for a while I was really worried that it was the blob (go watch the Steve McQueen version if you don't worry about things stuck to the axle of your car - I don't go under there unless it's absolutely necessary).

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LissyJo said...

One of my friend's mom's calls a vagina a "front butt" (always whispered). Perhaps?