Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Organ Transplant and Brangolina

I spent the whole day at work waiting for my computer to give an organ transplant to another computer. It gave me the blue screen of death and our tech informed me that it was probably the power source and that it had taken the drive with it as it died. So they yanked the memory, fixed the drive, yanked it, and shoved all those guts into a second machine until they can fix my other one. Why I need the other one back is beyond me as the machines are identical. They'll have to find me first as I'll be moving cubes in the middle of their first aid.

So you'd think I'd have more to write about after sitting around reading all day, but mostly I'm just annoyed with the phrase "Brangolina". Are reporters retarded? That's not cute - it's disgusting. It sounds like a lower intestinal disorder. On my behalf, I never once referred to Tall Brad and any girlfriend of his as a single entity, like Brama...or Brawn...or Brary. That'd just be dumb.

And this post, about the Marines only blocking websites with politics they don't like (original at Wonkette), bugs me. You hear one of these stories every now and then, and then it's proven not to be true, or corrected so quickly it can't be proven. But if it is true, it doesn't show any sort of political strength that you can force people to listen to your opinions, it just shows the weakness of your own opinions that they can't stand versus dissent. And with 72% of soldiers wanting the war to end in 2006, there's more than a bit of dissent.

Finally, I have a new game I like to play, when my computer is working. I've noticed the Snopes/Urban Legends feed in my aggregator only displays the urban legend to be addressed, not whether it's true or false. So I always venture my own, true, false, a bit of both, guess before I actually link over to the story and see if I was right. I recommend it for anyone gullible enough to have found themselves spreading an urban legend - it's good practice.


She says said...

Given your new real estate, thought you might enjoy seeing this article: Cubicles: The great mistake.

Scooter said...

Very funny and very appropriate - thank you!