Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Laptop Takes the Company Wellness Challenge

It's not enough that I'm taking the company wellness challenge myself and am working dilligently to increase my intake of fruits and vegetables to at least five servings a day, but I have to involve everyone else. Last night I involved our laptop computer, deftly pouring part of a glass of diet Splash directly into the intakes and blower holes on the back. What followed was frantic cleaning, extensive drying holes down, and several hours of worrying that the automatic shutoff everytime it booted was a sign that I'd drenched the boards (memory and disk were obviously safe).

A day later it seems to be operating fine - no smell of burning juice, no programs that seem scrambled, no deadly explosions (per the operating manual, which warns me never to start it after a drenching because it could be dangerous to my person), but I'm guessing it didn't see the same benefit from vitamin C and A that I do. Maybe, like me, it would prefer beer (hey, Summit Maibock season is here!).

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