Saturday, March 04, 2006

Lawerly Fun - Overheard in Law School

For those of you who are lawyers, and maybe some of you who aren't but, like me, just work with them, or bump into them at Chipotle when you're out for dinner with your family on the way to rental unit cleaning and invite them to join you, Overheard in Law School (courtesy of Done as a Society - a local law moblog). Almost anyone can appreciate gems such as:

(After a review session for a final exam)
2L: You need to relax. Look how calm I am.
2L #2: You're only calm because you weren't paying attention.

or, if you like your humor more lawyerly than that:

On Trial Strategy...
Trial Advocacy Prof: "Let me tell you what I would me tell you what an attorney with a normal ego would do..."

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