Thursday, March 16, 2006

Folksey Family Jazz

I might be a little light on posts for a few days, in case you're worried about a fix of what I'm up to, I'll leave some pictures that you can come back to over and over again to console yourself in my short term absence.

This one is mostly for Grandma Ellen. Eryn got her new clothes and loves them - she immediately disrobed, rerobed, and then wouldn't even let us wash them or take them off. She wore them right to bed on the first night as pajamas and had a royal fit when Pooteewheet tried to change her diaper, thinking that meant they'd be swapped for pajamas. The hat was her own idea.

Eryn found my clarinet. Actually, I found it for her after we heard her playing her recorder in her room. I played that thing for hours a day for many years - band, high school pep band, and college pep band at R.P.I. which was truly a geeky pep band, but a hell of a good time. Playing while R.P.I. shut Harvard out in hockey on their home turf is a fond memory of mine. The Harvard pep band literally played classical music to rouse their fans out of their slump while we, in turn, relied on sheer volume and obnoxiousness. Unlike Eryn, I was not wearing a diaper while I played.

And me! Post several days of the flu without shaving me. I think I look just a little wild and scary with my scar, Mexican pullover, balding and graying top, and protobeard with the gray spots on each side of my chin. It's even more frightening if you click it and make it 20% bigger. I hear this self-photo thing is all the rage with the kids on MySpace, but I'm not cool enough to get an account there. They'll let me have one - I'm just not cool enough to take the time.

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llawrat said...

Is this the father of my granddaughter or the snow bound hotels off-season manager? I seen to remember Redroom on the lower level.