Saturday, March 11, 2006

Extremism - Mark Kennedy Style

I noticed this post by Smartie over at The Power Liberal discussing Mark Kennedy's people's assertion that we should be concerned about Amy Klobuchar because she advertises on extremist websites and that she knows they're extremist because her ad came down after just a week. The website I help build and run also does time-expiring advertisements...and announcements, and postings, and quizzes, and assignments, and about a dozen other features that have expiration code behind them. I guess that makes just about every law professor in the U.S. an extremist which, come to think of it, probably isn't an assertion Kennedy's camp would deny.

This is just an exemplary example of harnessing people's non-understanding of how the web works to rally their indignation. There's nothing finer than playing off your constituents' ignorance, rather than educating them to be better and more-informed voters.

The Wege has a lengthier bit up about the whole incident, about the third bit down on his page, and I like his statement:
More lies from people who apparently can't tell their elephants from their asses. Kos runs a moderate to liberal site that is pro-military, pro-balanced budget, pro-America. Markos is military veteran who calls it like he sees it.

Of course, you can also get the skinny from the horse's own mouth if you like, over at Kos, along with his opinion of who the real extremists are and some links to donate Amy some money and/or some time.

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