Sunday, March 12, 2006

Burning Day

Yesterday I read Glenn Grant's short story "Burning Day". It's got a Matrixy feel to it as it takes place in a world where the lines between humans, robots and cybrids are becoming increasingly blurred. At one point, the cop in the story consults a mainframe and it seems like a nice summary of what I think my company would like to accomplish. Mean Mr. Mustard might even be working on Cruncher-lite:
The system's real designation is some unmemorable acronym, but everyone
simply calls it Cruncher, because that's what it does. A mass of neural
nets bathed in liquid nitrogen, Cruncher has been eating vast datbases for over
half a century, sucking the marrow out of every legally available network and
nexus, masticating unthinkable volumes of unconnected factlets, developing an
acute taste for complex hidden relationships. Out of enormous volumes of
dross, Cruncher digests a few suprisingly useful little sense-packets.

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