Thursday, March 30, 2006

Army Bans Use of Privately Bought Armor

This wouldn't be so bad...if they actually gave the soldiers other, approved, armor in the first place. They've spent almost enough money on the war to armor everyone over the age of 18 in the United States, and there are still soldiers who have to have it shipped from home or from concerned coworkers. This reminds me of stories about soliders bringing their own Winchester Model 97 "trench sweepers" (link provided courtesy of that site's partnership with Thomson Gale) overseas during the First World War until the Army actually realized the effectiveness and started supplying some of them.
"WASHINGTON - Soldiers will no longer be allowed to wear body armor other than the protective gear issued by the military, Army officials said Thursday, the latest twist in a running battle over the equipment the Pentagon gives its troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Army officials told The Associated Press that the order was prompted by concerns that soldiers or their families were buying inadequate or untested commercial armor from private companies ? including the popular Dragon Skin gear made by California-based Pinnacle Armor." (Yahoo via AP)

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