Thursday, February 16, 2006

Top Ten Sci-Fi Films That Never Existed

I think this is the science fiction movie post I always wished Klund had written (via Rex at Fimoculous). Having just seen Hitchhiker's Guide, I spent most of the movie wondering where the hell Marvin was, because he certainly wasn't that damn, boring big-headed robot I was seeing in the movie. I found it disturbing that such a turd was perhaps impacting my Netflix queue by forcing me into the "sit and wait because you rent too much" bracket.

And this is spot on...
"You knew from the opening musical sequence with the dolphins; the type of person who would find the singing animals hilarious is not the type of person who finds joy in Adams' pages of dark, bitter irony."

Snow Crash as directed by Terry Gilliam is a superb idea. There's a reason I own a copy of Brazil (the real one, not that weird ass happy ending thing that's been released).

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Smartie said...

I think it's sad that William Gibson, for all that he has contributed to the modern sci-fi culture, has never had a decent movie adaptation. Neuromancer would make a fantastic movie.

I'm remaining cautiously optimistic about the Peter Weir directed adaptation of Pattern Recognition that is supposed to come out next year. That book doesn't seem like it would lend itself to easy conversion to film, but we'll see...