Friday, February 24, 2006

So Much Stuff

I have this habit of sending myself emails full of things I want to blog about so they're all stored in a nice central location. The bad thing is that every once in a while I notice that there are a dozen different emails I just haven't had the chance to get to. This email serves solely to clean out my mailbox - they will be presented in reverse order >:)

The whole South Dakota challenge of Roe v. Wade is amazing. Is there any doubt rich women from S.D. will come here for abortions. And poor women will just move here for social services? After all, every gay kid in SD/ND moves here already to escape the damn NOSOD area and enjoy a state where there's at least a passing acceptance of being gay. And is there any doubt they're (NOSODs) just insane? They're talking about women's lives and they're not women. Dickwads. After School Snack has a good post up of general blog posts regarding the whole fracas.

Ten best beer events in Minnesota according to the Strib, courtesy of my mother in law. I'm guessing the Strib reporters get preferential treatment at Bockfest, because the last two times I was there it was almost impossible to get a beer. Worse than the Blubber Run downtown. Your best bet is to have enough friends to create a line of people from your base to a table so you can just continually pass beer back along the line to where people can drink it, otherwise it's a 30-60 minute round trip between beer and you sober up along the way. I remember the good old days when you could fill your oversized mug for two tickets and stock up on Dopplebock during the tour.

My company sponsored a documentary about black Minnesota pioneers that will be showing on TPT: North Star. I got to watch part of it at work and it's an amazing piece of work. If you're interested in black history, including some really fascinating history of housing covenants in the cities, black lawyers and the history of a black stoneworker who was involved in the construction of almost every historical building downtown, this is for you. You can see it on Sunday, February 26, 3:00pm on TPT 2.

And speaking of black history month, I enjoyed this post over at Out of the Jungle because 1.) it's a good post and 2.) because of a post I'd written about the words to Shortnin' Bread. Of course the author thinks I mainly blog about living in cupboards and folk tunes...but maybe that's preferable to what I really blog about.

I simply cannot find the Harper's issue with the damn instructions for best practices regarding your Realdoll - I think it was December 2005. Which is really disappointing because After School Snack has a redux regarding owning your own personal sex doll.

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Pretty darn funny, although it has mixed reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB. I think their problem is that you sort of get the whole point pretty quickly, and after that it's just a good mimckry of 50's sci fi movies. But if you like how stupid those movies were, it's enjoyable front to back. It goes a bit overboard mixing scifi and horror, which is very 50's, so appropriate, and gets extremely silly when the aliens and mad scientist all show up for a dinner party with the heroes. My favorite part might have been the creation of an evil sidekick woman, Animalia (who goes by the alias "Pammy" to fool lesser mortals, from four different forest animals. Yet she exhibits the characteristics of none of them, instead rwoaring like a cat and wuff-ing like a dog.

Grizzlyman (imdb). Oh man is the Kind Warrior an OCD bipolar slightly turretsy freak who meets his end in the maw of a bear and dooms his girlfriend to the same fate. Someone needs to put this movie and the one about the guy with the Ursus Mark VII bear suit in a double feature where you can drink and watch. The weirdest thing about this movie was that we got it from Netflix and watched half of it before I had to let the dog out. So, while the movie was off, I flipped cable over to X-Play on the gaming channel. At exactly that moment they were doing some weird skit about LARPers (live action role players) that involved a naturalist watching them in their native habitat. But then the naturalist starts screaming about his hat and doing exactly what the crazy guy in Grizzlyman was doing - they were parodying it. Is Grizzlyman so well known that you can parody it on a show like X-Play and expect people to know what the hell is going on? Can you parody it at all and expect people to know what's going on? The movie has been playing on Animal Planet or Discovery Channel lately, so if you get a chance to watch it, watch it - even without his swearing outbreaks it has to be hilarious (yes yes...and a bit sad).


MNObserver said...

To quote Jane Hamsher on the SoDak view of women:

"You fuck you die. Your life thereafter as a woman is worth less than the embryo you carry. Your sole function is as human host, and should you fail in that task your death is appropriate punishment."

I will now go to my grave never seeing Mt.Rushmore.

She says said...

Didja' see this? Unwed pregnant teacher gets fired from school? She was fired because the administration felt her getting pregnant out of wedlock violated their Catholic teachings. I suppose getting an abortion would have been more appropriate in the situation?

LissyJo said...

Grizzly man was pretty freaking funny (may they rest in peace). Even more amusing was the doc who did the autopsy (of what was left) and the exgirlfriend--both *very* strange.