Monday, February 20, 2006


Any appropriate post today would include a summary of the riffing Mean Mr. Mustard and I (Klund helped) gave Tall Brad about his inability to shave because he has a cast (Mr. Mustard's funniest line was offline when I saw him in the hallway he said he was going to physical therapy for his knee, so he couldn't shave - it's good to find humor in something very humorless). It wildly veered into questioning whether Tall Brad was himself or mirror universe Brad, which led to eventually wondering whether he was bisexual like other mirror universe characters and how the mirror universe goatee affected his girlfriend (which is funny because of a conversation a total stranger tried to engage Tall Brad in about how the cast was affecting his fun time). Entirely geeky, but Brad's a good sport, and his lack of shaving is entirely justified.

But that has nothing to do with the title of the post, which is about a Daily Show clip (click the title if you don't want to click here) Rex posted on Fimoculous about MySpace. I found it particularly funny as I had no idea what Emo music was until a few weeks ago when someone posted a comment on my blog criticizing another video I linked to (that was supposedly Emo music), and because our group at work had a discussion about portals that were working particularly well and I pointed out MySpace and noted that it was so hip that the hippest programmer in our group (he's hip, he's in a band) wasn't hip enough or young enough anymore to fully enjoy the cachet that came with hanging out there.

Finally, I've noticed sometimes people list what they're currently listening to as a way to recapture what they were thinking when they created a post. So, I'm listening to O.A.R.'s "That Was a Crazy Game of Poker". I think I missed any hipness curve on that one as well, which explains why I'm not on MySpace.


PTW said...

Scotter, we are way too old, and too often called "Daddy" and "Mommy" to be in the same universe as hip.

PTW said...

Yes, I mistyped. Deal!