Friday, February 03, 2006

My Favorite SOTU Link - It's Law Related

My favorite dissection of G.W.'s waffly State of the Union Address is by a Tax Prof. James Edward Maule does a bang up job of picking it all apart (he thoughtfully considered it while at the dentist) and explaining why in many respects, it's just not sound policy or indirection, or things he doesn't expect G.W. to stick to. If you need clarification on any of his positions, check out the rest of his blog - it's full of AMT discussions, Capital Gains discussions, and other fun tax-type issues.
I love that first sentence, Mr. President. It's a great soundbite. But cutting the budget deficit in half is like putting fillings in only half the cavity-afflicted teeth. Some of the deficit arises from those special low tax rates. Another significant portion is the cost of war. Trying to wage war while enabling most Americans to lead peacetime lives is oxymoronic. Wars aren't buildings that can be mortgaged.

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