Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Completely Forgot - Ironman 2006

How difficult it becomes to bike 40-60+ minutes a night, read, and still blog. Sooner or later I fall into a groove and everything gets easier, but the first few weeks always requires getting reacquainted with how I did it last time (I've started taking 30 minutes to read in the morning rather than go to work...that seems to help).

It's been a strange start up to preparing for the 2006 Minnesota Ironman because while riding on my bike I've been watching Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers. I'm pretty sure that when Lance is on the Tour de' France, the countryside is not littered with small arms fire, tank shells, and 88s blowing up all around him. Then again, I've never ridden the Tour myself, so I can't say what happens on those parts they don't show on t.v. I do know I'm a little worried a car is going to backfire during the ride and I'm going to hit the ditch like I forgot to put on my helmet. Then again, last year I slipped my chain and hit the ditch anyway, and lost my car keys for good measure. So maybe I'm just preparing an excuse. I've been trying to convince Erik that the 62 miler might be fun - but that depends a lot on what the weather does between now and then (it's hard to do 62 if you're doing it coming off a trainer).


PTW said...

Biking right-of-way question: if a biker rides the wrong way down the middle of a lane and is coming out of the sun, what's the proper response?

LissyJo said...

Give 'em some space, ya nazi car driver!!!!

Julie DuRose said...

The first time I did the Ironman (100 mile) it was my first time out with my new seat, new shoes and new clips. (Yes; I am a bonehead.) That was 2003, I think, the year of the 1000-mph winds. I might be exaggerating the actual MPH, but in a word: Ouch. After that, it can only get easier.

Here's to no wind, rain or snow in '06!