Sunday, January 29, 2006

Upright Citizens State of the Union

AmericaBlog has a link to a spoof on GW's State of the Union address. It's big and a little long for work viewing, but thoroughly funny. I'm almost sure it was worth it just for GW's parable about Jesus and Walking in the Sand at the end.

It took me a moment of watching it to realize that the performers were The Upright Citizen's Brigade, a group that used to have a show on comedy central that was pretty funny and contained one of my favorite skits on comedy central, "Ass Pennies". The skit is about two brothers, one very successful, the other seeking advice. The successful brother advices the other one to stick $30 worth of pennies up his ass every day and spend them, resulting in a feeling of superiority whenever he meets someone as they probably have one of his "ass pennies" in their pocket. The brother is horrified, and it devolves into a fight wherein the successful brother points out that he's stuffed 1.1 million pennies up his butt so far in the eleven years he's been creating ass pennies, and one of the pennies in the other brother's pocket is, no doubt, an ass penny.

You can probably grab a copy at either of these places, although it might not be work safe to read something with the title "ass pennies" over the company internet.

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