Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tinfoil Hats

My friend Christy has a New Year's tradition that involves her son, tinfoil hats and chocolate coins - something like that. I don't entirely understand the whole tradition - maybe it keeps the NSA wiretaps away for the year (very forward looking of Christy, she's been observing the tradition for years). Whatever the reasoning, she and her son were kind enough to make Eryn a hat. I realize it looks a bit fancier than it is, with the light and everything, but I'm sure if Christy could make the hat with a light on top, she would.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Scott - Just some clarification for you. It's not chocolate coins, it's silver coins. You wash your hands under the moonlight with them after midnight on New Years Eve. Being that my diets always seem to start on January 1st. Chocolate coins probably wouldn't make it to midnight on New Years Eve.