Thursday, January 12, 2006

Spiral Scouts

Honestly, if it weren't the fact that I was 6'2"+ at 15 (as were several other Scouts in my troop - and really, I was 6' at age 12) and sporting enough muscle to attract a derranged student teacher (oh, muscles, where o' where did you go?), most of the Boy Scouts I know would have been beaten up a lot more, particularly on uniform day. As it was, there was conflict, and the protagonist generally got his a** kicked where no one could claim to be a witness because, well, Scouts don't beat people up. At least that has to be the impression, if not the reality.

But I just can't see uniform day being anything other than the worst day of the week for someone in the Detroit Wiccan Spiral Scouts. Wow does that sound...lame.

By the way, I don't donate money to the Scouts anymore because of their anti-gay stance, regardless of the fact that I'm an Eagle Scout, but if your only reason for founding a separate scouting system is because you want a focus on the environment and citizenship, you should reexamine those Environmental Science, and Citizenship in the Community/Nation/World merit badges.

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Anonymous said...

Which student teacher was that? Not the one that I was all hot for? That would really depress me - I was turning them gay even in high school???