Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Racial Shooting in International Falls

This is just very disappointing. They should drum the lesson of the Duluth lynchings into everyone up there - I realize that doesn't fix everything, but it would sure negate the question of whether they were taught any better. And if there's any annoyance about being taught "minority history" they should keep in mind that it's not minority history, it's local history.
A 67-year-old accused of shooting a man just because he is black faces trial this week on attempted murder and other charges.

Authorities allege that James Waltz, who is white, had told a neighbor he hoped to someday kill a black person before he shot Ricky Davis outside a bar in International Falls in November 2004.


Witnesses said Waltz was upset that several black men were in the bar on the night of the shooting. He used racial slurs and said blacks didn't belong in the town, the criminal complaint said. He allegedly pointed a handgun at three of Davis' friends, all black. Waltz followed Davis into an alley and shot him in the stomach, the complaint said.

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