Saturday, January 28, 2006

Perhaps There's a Real Conspiracy Afoot

I followed the Boing Boing link to the short Encyclopedia Britannica film about how democracies become depostisms. I think the original is much more amusing than the one with spliced in footage - it doesn't really require the remake to allow someone to draw comparisons with the current state of the union. However, what I did not expect to see in a move that is 60 years old is George W. Bush at the beginning of his acting career. I can't be certain that's him in the lower left yucking it up when the big boss explains how he's the one who makes the rules - but it sure looks like him in my med-res version. Does he suck the blood out of a poor person once every 80 years to renew himself, like in The Hunger or is he actually a member of the Illuminati and they really do have the secret to eternal youth?

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