Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just Some Day to Day -Ests

Stupidest thing I heard today, on E!: "...Roy was lying lifeless at death's door". I'm sure that's a lot less creepy than standing vitally at death's door.

Second Stupidest thing I heard today, at the bank: Man - "I dropped the envelope, and someone cashed the check. I don't understand how they could cash a check made out to Discover." Bank lady - "Sir, there's no way to know they're not with Discover."

Most surprising (est) thing I heard today, also on E!: Komodo Dragons have venom that can kill you in seconds. Not true. But it is true that they can deliver venom, whereas all this time I thought it was just the bacteria in their mouths causing scepticemia. Well, seems to be that it's a bit of both - they have venom, just no purposed delivery system like the ones God designed more intelligently. This is a fairly new bit of information, but I'm still surprised I missed it.

Funniest thing about West Virginia I read today: they're putting in Dance Dance Revolution at 765 schools. I wish I had video of Christy doing DDR in high school - that would be sweet. As it is, someone related to her has video of her dressed up as a clown for a Rax birthday party. I want it. Please. I promise to give it back as soon as I digitize it.

Saddest thing I ready today: this link to a Boing Boing post about a homoerotic reimaging of Jack Abramoff's Red Scorpion (yes...that Jack Abramoff and that Red Scorpion). Why is it sad? Because the link to the movie is down and I really want to watch it!

Story that cheered me up the most today (b-est): via Boing Boing, law students at Georgetown protesting Alberto Gonzales speaking in favor of illegal wire taps of U.S. citizens. Note that it's not just the students in the cowls with the sign - many of them are facing away from him.


She says said...

Go GULC! Here's a link to the webcast of the event, if you're interested.

Mrs. Chicken said...

It's a wonder that I, as an editor, can make it through a day without my brain exploding. Overheard yesterday: "I was literally blown away!"

Wow. And she lived to tell about.