Thursday, January 26, 2006

IP Spotting

I followed Sex Drive Daily's link to IP Spotting (absolutely work safe), a site that takes your IP address and tries to find some sort of numerological meaning in it. My IP Address resulted in the following information (below – one shy of a straight, damn it. Foiled on the river.) and a score of 11. One of the things the site does is render your IP as a small bitmap so you can get some sort of totemistic satisfaction out of your spiritual journey to their site.

They gave me a zero score on my dingbat because it didn’t look like anything. But Eryn said the result looked like a checkers game. Pooteewheet said it looked like a no-parking or no-whatever sign (at least the first thing that came to her mind was “no whatever” and not “no sex”). Personally, I feel it has many similarities to a Space Invaders alien. Like in this crop circle photo.

My IP breakdown:
173 is prime (+10)
The country this IP is from (USA) is part of the G8 (+1)
Your IP address as a poker hand:

  • Five of ♥ Hearts

  • Jack of ♣ Clubs

  • Eight of ♥ Hearts

  • Seven of ♦ Diamonds

  • Six of ♠ Spades

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