Friday, January 13, 2006


Today I went out for a beer with a company architect, Skippy, and a co-worker, Erik, on my project. We went with the architect's friend, Doug, who's a consultant, who knew a consultant I used to work with when I was a consultant. While at Old Chicago, we bumped into Tall Brad, who was at a non-sanctioned company drinking binge with Starlett, who was on one of my first projects at my company, Karen, who I don't really know but bumped into at breakfast on Lake and the (Mississippi) River last fall, and a few other coworkers. While enjoying a beer Tall Brad bought me, I noticed that one of my business unit guys was sitting nearby, along with one of my ex business unit babes (I know, I know...guy, babe...but she's good natured, she'd appreciate babe more than woman/lady...I think). When I was all done drinking, I went to Rainbow Foods next door to buy my wife heavy cream and half and half and found my project lead buying supplies. She's lived in the same town as me for 3 years and never bumped into me in public. And then I saw another coworker, and then yet another coworker, one that I always see getting coffee every morning, even though I don't know her, although my coffee comrades do.

Did I mention I went to Chipotle after my friends/coworkers this afternoon, but bumped into other friends/coworkers, including Christy, my next door neighbor (and her friend Lisa), and sat next to yet another co-worker, Becky, whose husband works at the same company as my father in law, which I know because I bumped into her at their corporate breakfast/Christmas party where my father in law plays Santa Claus?

I'm starting to feel that Minnesota needs to be a bit larger if I'm ever going to feel like I'm not at work.

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