Friday, December 23, 2005

American Girl Dolls

While I was in Arizona, my mother was saying how nice it would be get Eryn an American Girl doll, as well as Amelie if they had one of Asian heritage (closest seems to be Native American). I thought to myself, "Well, that won't be so bad, after all, the right pushed them against donating to Girls, Inc., and they didn't cave." I was correct, they hadn't caved, they were still in the process of caving (CBS article). So, mom, perhaps a Groovy Girl doll is more appropriate - at least I'm hoping they're not such wankers, considering they make male dolls as well.

If anyone is aware of a friendly line of dolls that aren't Mattel related, I'd be interested in hearing about them.

P.S. as an addendum for my sister, Asian dolls - lots of them. Mom was just reminiscing about how hard it was to find these when you were a kid, before the internet. Now you can even get them anatomically correct.

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LissyJo said...

Peapods in st. paul has some great dolls (that are anatomically correct as well), and *not* mattel related.