Monday, November 14, 2005

Things Annoying Me Today

  • My brother-in-law's country-of-origin seems to be as stupid as mine when it comes to conservative buzz issues. Honestly Australia, do you really want to be U.S.-lite?
  • The whole Target thing. I don't like it. I don't like it that Target did it - anyone at Target if not the corporation itself. I don't like their response letters and the "we're like all other corporations" crap. I don't like the selective lawyerese. I don't like the implications of what they're saying when they support the "rights" of bigots over the right of others to have access to drugs. But ever time I think about it, I'm forced to agree with the Wege (I had a nice little tirade the other day - and I'm extremely crabby at Target - not boycott crabby, that's where I agree with the Wege, boycotts are serious and not to be taken without a bevy of facts and knowing full well what you're doing to the corporation and its employees and your neighbors - but when presented with a better alternative, some of our personal business [i.e. family, LLC and self-employed wife] is leaving their store). If I boycotted every corporation that did something stupid at one of their stores/online locations or that had an employee that did something stupid without following up on all of the issues and trying to force constructive change, I'd be sitting in a shack out back eating bugs out of grass-woven baskets. If you want to force change, don't go to AmericaBlog, go to Planned Parenthood and put your weight behind their campaign with an escalating level of pressure. If it eventually comes to a boycott, then so be it - but make sure all the cards are on the table and that you're not punishing a company's employees over a kneejerk reaction.
  • I'm 37. Sure I got a cool bicycling statue, a book about crazy special forces tactics, a burrito, a thermos, a bottle of scotch and a deferred until early December present, but I'm now past the 90% way to 40 mark and almost as old as Mr. Mustard was when I started my job.


Steve Eck said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not the only one who writes multi-topic posts about things annoying me.

Happy birthday by the way, even if you aren't thrilled about it.

Anonymous said...

Ah, so it's just fine to give me a hard time about turning 37, but when it's finally your turn, it's not so fun, is it???? Happy Birthday - it's really not that bad! Key is to forget how old you really are - I always have to literally stop and think when someone asks me. Of course, that could be because I'm old and the memory is shot!

LissyJo said...

I have struggled myself with the "boycott or not to boycott" issue. Actually, you're not really struggling. I recently decided to stop going to blockbuster because of their conservatism and support of sensorship, but the target thing has made me stop and think.