Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Minnesota Observer Web Ring

I am highly amused by the Minnesota Observer Web Ring, which near as I can tell, simply points you back and forth between Clever Peasantry and The Power Liberal. I think that makes it a Minnesota Observer Web Line. Oh...wait...there we go - off to see Tild and then to the Wege, and then to Curly Tales of War Pigs! You have to follow all the links, apparently - it's not a random link web ring, it's truly a fixed daisy chain of liberalism. I hope the Wege is tracking the hops from one MNOW link the next via the images and correlating it against a "you owe me X beers at the next Drinking Liberally" tally he keeps at his desk.


Robin said...


Anonymous said...

damn...we've been had

Anonymous said...


MNObserver said...

I must assert my innocence here. Blame Jack Pine Savage.

But how come Moses doesn't have one? I've been pouring my heart and my billable hours out over there recently.

Moses said...


I knew I should have put more time into my blog than in teaching teenagers to think... I knew it.


Tild Dallelie said...

Well that's good news.
But the point is: we like you Diane, we really like you!