Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I think this is why parents blog about their kids

So they don't have to yell about this stuff at their spouse. People always talk about the internet ruining marriages - in these cases, it probably saves them. There's a lot less marital stress when you can read what your husband wrote about poop and laugh at him.

My daughter doesn't use the toilet yet, but she can poop on demand - her demand - and that demand is always when it's bed time/nap time. As a matter of fact, she can actually break one dump up into three (not so) discrete dumps so that she can try to get up multiple times.
Sundays were pleasant once. Now, as I write this, my son is laying in bed, screaming "I POOPED ON MY ANIMALS!" as part of a ruse to extend a day that began before the sun came up.

Neal Pollack: Poopy Oopy Doopy (link thanks to Brian from A Day In the Life)

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of a young child in my life time. Many, Many years ago in the land of Oregon, their was a child once who had (had) a big green bear. Which in a short time turned to a large brown bear and ran away from his owner. But, to have its relative return to the owner's child many many years later in Minnesota.