Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Two Things I Learned From Bloggers Today

1.) That there is such a phrase as "bumping donuts" (over at Diablo Cody's).

2.) That sometimes the reactionaries on my side of the political spectrum are as bad as the reactionaries on the other side. I understand where the AmericaBlog anti-Target people are coming from, at least I hope I do, and that it's absolutely grounded in a concern for women's rights (heck, just personal rights) rather than a Target is big it must be bad mentality, but labeling every pharmacy that refuses to fulfill a prescription "another Target" is a bit over the top. The rhetoric sounds more like threat than discussion and pressure for change, and if you're removing The Wege's comments (additional), you've probably gone a little off the deep end. And if you sound exactly like the anti-American Doll folks (me), complete with calls to action without a thorough examination, then the story needs some consideration. In this case, I prefer my news from Wonkette (see Robert K. Brown's blog for more).

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