Monday, October 10, 2005

Narnia and Madonna

I enjoyed the Narnia books when I was younger. However, I just knew after seeing the trailer that they were going to target it at evangelicals. I hope someone photoshops two horny penguins in there somewhere just to be snarky.
Hollywood has been wooing churchgoers since its early days. No matter that some of the clergy regarded movies as a tool of the devil. Legendary director Cecil B. DeMille, whose father had studied to become a priest of the Episcopal faith, reached out to that audience in the 1920s with biblical-themed films such as "The Ten Commandments" and "The King of Kings."

Why is it that when an article lists movies aimed at churchgoers, not just biblically-themed films mind you, they don't include the classics like Birth of a Nation? There's enough crap on the web about "civil religion" and religion, white supremacy and Birth of a Nation to uphold the theory that it's religious, at least in historical evolution.

Speaking of which, you can go see a short remix of DJ Spooky's Rebirth of a Nation at his website.

And while we're addressing religion, after twenty years haven't they learned to deal with Madonna? First it was Catholics, and now Jews: "Such a woman brings great sin on kabbalah..." The only one even vaguely bringing sin upon Yitzhak Luria and the kabbalah is Rabbi Israel Deri told Maariv by admitting that his faith could in any way be influenced by a Madonna album. Madonna seems to be working backwards one religion every decade or so, so I imagine by 2020 we'll have some Sumerians raising bloody hell about her treatment of the Enuma Elish.

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