Thursday, October 20, 2005

Maps - The Twins and Black Helicopters

Infosthetics and MNSpeak both have links up to a mapping study that divides the U.S. by more than just red and blue. Instead, CommonCensus examines the spheres of influence carved out by team affiliation and individuals' propensity to use the words "pop", "soda" and "coke". The MLB map is particularly interesting to me as it warns that it's highly inaccurate, yet shows that the Twins dominate the Dakotas and barely cross into Montana. My grandparents' farm is at the far end of that territory, just inside Montana, where the Rockies kick in, and one of my fondest memories as a kid was riding in the big John Deere tractor, initially with my grandfather, then later by myself, and plowing the wheat fields while listening to the Twins games. There wasn't a farmer within 40 miles that couldn't immediately tell you the score after the game. My impression was always that Twins games were simply the highpoint of any day because they allowed you to enjoy your job and avoid your wife, who at any given moment was a bit stir crazy from living in a shack on the MonDak plains. There weren't any Colorado Rockies back then, so any game that pitted the Twins against the Royals or the A's was the highpoint of the week/month and likely to come up in conversation at the dances held at the deprecated community hall, sugar company, farmer's union, town festivity or fraternal organization. Sometimes it's surprising to me I turned into such a city boy.

Also, local law student Generic Heretic has a post up about the results of The Register's "Spot the Black Helicopter" competition, which is great demonstration of what you can do when every corner of the earth is scrutinized by satellite. I wonder if they captured a better mug shot of DeLay from way up there.

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