Saturday, October 22, 2005

Local Religion and Local Hate

Update: Minnesota Politics and the Wege both have posts up about the Strib's article on Scientology if you'd like some local opinion.

Hop over to the Strib to read about our own local Scientologist(s) (alt) who, for a mere $350,000 or so "can make red lights turn green" and "can also go out of my mind at will"...oops, correction..."out of my body at will"- my typo. If your kids are at Flagship Academy, they apparently get a real treat if they're ADHD, get pregnant (and want to scream), or have mental health issues..."Like many longstanding denominations, Scientology also has community outreach efforts such as drug counseling and study programs, which Brown uses in running Flagship Academy in St. Louis Park." Honestly - don't trust a school that doesn't provide a website on an easy Google search. Your kids don't need to learn to turn red lights green - they need to learn patience and to obey traffic laws.

Over at MNSpeak - you can read about another group actively interested in Minnesota youth. The post includes a link to Dave Neiwert's site (Orcinus), which has pictures and detailed background of the Toledo riots. If you don't think the neo-Nazi movement is religiously based, you'd be partially right, but any examination of the far right indicates a fluidity across hate groups that often includes a religious component: Identity, Odinism, or other.
"Last weekend, neo-Nazis planned a rally in a mixed-race neighorhood in Toledo, Ohio. Riots ensued, people were hurt, buildings burned. The Nazis blamed gangs for the violence, others blamed the uniformed, brown shirt-wearing marchers, who had no permit, submitted no march route to the police, and taunted African Americans
with racial epithets
. The scariest part is: the racist group -- the largest neo-Nazi organization in America, the National Socialist Movement -- is based right here in Minneapolis. And they want your children. Beware the Viking Youth Corps."

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