Thursday, October 20, 2005

I End the Night With Old People Sex

Old people who collect sex objects/art that is. The Wired's sex columnist, Regina Lynn (very Seinfeldian), has her own blog, Sex Drive Daily, and one of her posts links to a story at the Seattle Times about a grandmother who's opened a sex museum - presumably something more tasteful than Sex World's ode to copulation. This reminds me of nothing so much as the scene from Kinsey where the dean (Oliver Platt) keeps examining Kinsey's sex art/ifacts.
For the past 13 years, Wilzig, 70, has scoured markets and antique shops from Paris to St. Petersburg to amass a 4,000-piece collection that includes Kama Sutra temple carvings from India, peekaboo Victorian figurines who flash their behinds and a prop from the sado-sexual thriller "A Clockwork Orange."


Robin said...

"presumably something more tasteful than Sex World's ode to copulation."

I suppose that means you aren't a fan of the wheel of porn at Lickety Split, either?

Scooter said...

Now if Pooteewheet asks me about that, I can't even deny its existence.