Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween 2005

Well, I don't have anything particularly original to add to the Samuel "I'm Not Harriet Miers" Scalito discussion, so I will address something seldom addressed by conservatives, well-adjusted children celebrating Halloween while their parents sit around blogging over Bell's Two-Hearted Ale.

Eryn and Conner cruising in the treatmobile. Eryn is not a trained bear, she is a monkey, with a yellow tail, like Boots, from Dora, but with more of trained monkey motif - courtesy of my mother. Conner was going to be a pig, using Eryn's costume from last year, but had a conniption at daycare, so his mom bought him a lion costume, and he had a conniption at our house instead. He's officially going as Jimmy from HR Puffenstuff going as a lion.

Eryn on the step, complete with monkey feet and this year's pumpkins. Jen made the pumpkin whose mouth runs into his/her nose and look like it was made by someone with a cutting deficiency. I made the one where I forgot to draw the mouth separate from the teeth and had to just cut a gaping square maw instead of something with teeth.

Eryn does not like guts. She hates it when I rip the head off her "Stone Cold" Steve Austin sippy cup and exclaim "look, his guts!" and she hates it when the pumpkins offer up their own guts. She wasn't even willing to go after candy when I dropped it in a gutted pumpkin if it meant she might touch the sides. I cooked the guts - the seeds that is - and used half a dozen spices from Penzey's in mini batches, and then burnt the whole works, but ended up with several dozen bicentennial rub seeds that were really pretty tasty.

One of our neighbors has a real problem.

Eryn trick or treating at our house. A view of the yellow tail.

Those neighbors with a problem really have a problem. This pumpkin ate way too much candy.

Those neighbors put on a real show. Apparently they've been to see "The Fog" and feel it's an appropriate movie to which to subject 2.5 year olds. Pooteewheet told Eryn that if she sees Adrienne Barbeau anywhere to grab her, to stuff her in her pumpkin, say "thank you", and deliver her up to Grandpa Larry. She'd be the favorite grandchild forever - with grandpa at least, maybe not grandma.


LissyJo said...

Those pumpkins of your neighbors are pretty damn funny!

MNObserver said...

Oh, I miss those cute kid costumes! I used to make some real wonders back when they were little and I worked part time...

Now, I only have one left at home and this year, she was in a haunted house thing and we had to figure out how to make a skinny 17 year old girl into this:

Not easy.

Robin said...

Sigh...we did fine with the roasting portion of our seeds, but Smartie wouldn't let me use any of my Penzeys spices (and I litterally have two racks and a Lazy Susan stuffed full), prefering old fashioned salt.

I need to learn how to make costumes before we have any little powerlibs running through the house. Smartie ended up with a chicken sewed on to one shoulder rather than a parrot, although the neighbor kids nicely told him he still looked like a pirate, kinda.

Linzy Eck said...

Eryn's costume is great! I love monkey's! And her's is by far the funniest!