Friday, September 16, 2005

Favorite Posts of the Day

Mean Mr. Mustard has been on a roll lately, and his links to Get Your Flood On and his moving interpretation/retelling of the Bush "I have to pee" note are spot on and worth linking to. It's good to see him back in fine form.

I sent this Boing Boing post directly to Elise from After School Snack because I had a feeling that it might bring her concern about rampaging, poisonous centipedes into some sort of focus. Centipedes aren't so bad - it could be worse, you could have a tongue-eating, tongue-replacing louse in your house.

And speaking of Elise and nasty parasitic things like our Administration (I have a hard time telling, are they the parasites on big business, or is big business the parasite on them, or is there a lot of mutual sucking going on?), she has a post up about the Potemkin maneuvers our Administration is up to in New Orleans. As if it isn't enough they're sending Karl Rove down there in some sort of attempt to improve his image (which I can only assume is supposed to offset outing Plame) and rebuild New Orleans as a political machine, they're back to their faux news ways by creating images of rebuilding and success where they don't really exist. She quotes Brian Williams on MSNBC:

I am duty-bound to report the talk of the New Orleans warehouse district last night: there was rejoicing (well, there would have been without the curfew, but the few people I saw on the streets were excited) when the power came back on for blocks on end. Kevin Tibbles was positively jubilant on the live update edition of Nightly News that we fed to the West Coast. The mini-mart, long ago cleaned out by looters, was nonetheless bathed in light, including the empty, roped-off gas pumps. The motorcade route through the district was partially lit no more than 30 minutes before POTUS drove through. And yet last night, no more than an hour after the President departed, the lights went out. The entire area was plunged into total darkness again, to audible groans. It's enough to make some of the folks here who witnessed it... jump to certain conclusions.

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