Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Witness to Barbarism

I notice, per my last post, that there's a link to Horace Hansen's book and website, Witness to Barbarism. Who knew that the chief prosecutor at Dachau lived in North Oaks and had such an interesting life. Sure, probably everyone with a knowledge of Minnesota history outside high school social studies where they only taught you how to define "travois" - but not me. I've always been partial to the idea that being a citizen of Minnesota should entitle you to a free "Our History" newsletter that details interesting people and places in Minnesota - they could just provide you an extra bin for recycling your junk mail and reprint it on that - heck, charge for profit bulk mailers and extra hundredth of a cent and you could probably fund the whole thing.


Anonymous said...

Minnesota history, like the 100 years war of ethnic cleansing between the Ojibwe and Dakotah for control of Minnesota, or the WWII POW Camps in Minnesota ... stuff like that?


Scooter said...

Exactly. I actually have a post about the bus-eum in Dakota County earlier this year - they were driving around with info. about Minnesotan(POW)s in WWII and POW camps in the Midwest. You can find a link there to which has all sorts of information about local POW camps.