Monday, August 01, 2005

Whathaveyou and Otherstuff

A list post! I feel so Norwegianity-ish. But I had a lot of things I read today that I just thought were amusing.
  • Power Liberal notes that the University of Wisconsin may have effectively been banned from dispensing any sort of birth control. Rew notes there's not even any of the usual rationalizing, just "straight-up stick it to the sluts reasoning." Although, if you read the comments, there's some argument about exactly to what extent sluts are truly affected. Pooteewheet left Wisconsin to be a U of MN slut, so even if this had been passed in the liberal 80's, I'd have been ok.
  • And, speaking of sluts, The Revealer has an article up about a "Slut for Faith" who has some recommendations about not getting married in a church if you don't feel particularly religious, go to Vegas instead, or maybe that's backward and you should go to Vegas if you feel religious (that would bode well for my friend Adam, although I'm not sure what a replica of Zorro's sword has to do with Jesus). You'll have to read the article to see. However, I'm not sure what "Jew-ISH" means at the end of the article, in the byline. It sounds way too much like when I call my dog a she-it because she got fixed.
  • The Revealer also has a post called "Polish Your Headship" where you can learn about "products in the 2005 edition of the Vision Forum Family Catalog" that "have been carefully selected to share our passion for the Christ-centered biblical family" and about a TV pitch for "Patriarchy Made Simple" where "Five thousand men and their families will be chosen from God’s Tongue, which at 36,000 members is Texas’ largest mega-church. Each family will be provided a head ship modeled on the finest designs provided by Star Wars."
  • And speaking of religion that's scary - Three Way News notes that the AFA is all about horrific violence in films, as long as it's the kind of violence that comes in Aramaic.
  • Finally, pondering religious things in what seems like a different language - go read a few links about Scientology if you never have before (bonus points if you can find a copy of the contract to give away a billion years or so of your spirtual life on Operation Clambake). It's a bit of a trip. There's some great content like: "On other occasions, traumas may have been deliberately inflicted in the form of "implants" used by mostly defunct extraterrestrial civilizations and dictatorships to brainwash and control people. These included such tortures as the Obscene Dog, "a sort of a brass dog in a sitting position and anybody who got around to the front of the dog got caught in some electronic current and passed through the dog to the dog's rear end and spat out" (Hubbard, "Assists," lecture of 3rd October 1968). Scientology doctrine includes a wide variety of beliefs in extraterrestrial civilizations and alien interventions in Earthly events, collectively described by Hubbard as "space opera". For a detailed overview, see Space opera in Scientology doctrine."

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