Thursday, August 11, 2005

South Dakota Vacation II - the Stupid Stuff

Elise might like to know that we all went to Reptile Gardens. I don't recommend going there if you haven't been - it's just not that exciting for $11/person. The alligator/snake guy was wonderful - he gave a pretty good show - but I don't know what birds had to do with any of it, other than that they eat snakes, and the "trained animal" show was horrifying in a beyond-kitsch sort of way. But they did have an interesting selection of animals and this one might interest Elise the most. I didn't take a picture of it, because it didn't seem to be in its cage - it was probably running around loose somewhere, paralyzing the staff and laying eggs on them.

We also saw this preserved stickbug from Malaysia. Every time I hear a story out of Malaysia it's about scorpions, boas in outhouses, mean monkeys and other nasty critters. I don't think this bug, almost twice as long as my hand, makes it any more attactive as a vacation destination.

Did I mention that I'm one sexy mother-f-er? This sort of thing helps Mean Mr. Mustard because it means he doesn't have to bother with photoshopping.

We were pulled over at one point during our travels. But I felt pretty stupid when Pooteewheet forced me to pay the ticket.

And this picture, well, it's only for those who can appreciate it. I didn't go because I was worried I'd bump into a co-worker (not because I was worried I'd bump into Steve Perry).

Finally - Eryn really enjoyed Wall Drug, particularly the T-Rex that roared so loud that she sprinted down a hallway and cowered in the corner until Pooteewheet carried her out. We didn't make it to Deadwood (Deadwood being full of Sturgis bikers) to see the really loud gunfights Mr. Mustard warned me about, but this seemed to fill that void for Eryn. Later, at lunch, she scribbled out the t-rex on the menu, scrubbing him off the menu with her pen while leaving everything else alone. We're very proud to have given her perhaps her first serious psychological trauma. Here are three pictures of me at Wall Drug. The first, of me making a mockery of my own Oglala heritage.

Then me on a jackalope while Erwood is forced to await her turn:

and then me annoyed because they fenced off anything fun to touch/photograph on the 80' dinosaur at Wall Drug.

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Anonymous said...

We are on a short east coast swing with the in-laws. Hershey, PA the biggest waste of time and money known to man. Gettysburg however was super cool. We also hit the oldest brewery and the oldest pretzel factory in the USA. Next up W DC.