Tuesday, August 23, 2005

One More Post

One more, then I'm off to watch Kinsey (88% RT) - and speaking of movies, if you've never seen Fitzcarraldo (with Klaus Kinski - 83% RT), you're missing a very strange and entertaining evening.

sent me "Today's Talk" and in Today's Misc. Links, they included this bit:
EnchantedHighway.net: Only in North Dakota. Here are just a few pictures from our trip to Montana and South Dakota two weeks ago (below) - look a bit like what you find at the link? Personally, we thought it was a trick to get us back into the boondocks to shop at a town we really had no desire to shop at (sort of like an off-highway Wall Drug), so we didn't follow the art to its conclusion.

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Anonymous said...

It may have been a trick to waylay you, but then again it may have just led to a interesting and controvertial metal artist :) No Wall Drug at the end though...