Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Cindy Sheehan and the Anishinabe

Well, the Anishinabe and my ancestors didn't exactly get along, but I have to give them props for this ceremony that recognizes Cindy Sheehan as a warrior (AP Photo/LM Otero) - a class act all the way. It's good to see that someone from Minnesota is making up for the reputation we squandered with that Time Magazine nonsense. And it's uplifting to see this acknowledgement of sacrifice and patriotism, this acknowledgement of what this woman's son meant to her, and this acknowledgement that questioning a war can be the act of a hero. It's just too bad it's not the guy biking at his ranch somewhere in the background making that acknowledgement.


klund said...

Wait a second, do you like this Sheehan character? Ick.

Anonymous said...

1. Originally Cindy Sheehan felt that her first meeting with POTUS G Bush was not enough so she vowed to stake him out until she got a second meeting. She said she just wanted to question him and then she would go home.

2. Now it appears that might not have been the case. She is actually so glad he did NOT talk to her, becuase it has given a push to the peace movement. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9137815/

3. So what did she really want in the first place?

4. What about her two other kids who are still alive and her husband all of whom it seems she has abandoned.


Anonymous said...

Actually I'm pretty sure that "the guy biking in the background" was in San Diego, California at a 60th anniversary commemoration of the Allied victory over Japan about the time this ceremony was taking place. After which he returned to Washington to oversee hurricane relief efforts.

I don't find our current leader to be the brightest bulb on the presidential tree in many respects, but implying some sort of Marie Antoinette-like indifference (let them ride mountain bikes eh?) towards Cindy Sheehan's actions and viewpoints because he doesn't agree with her seems a bit much. He has said he respects her right to her views on the war but doesn't agree with them...

Scooter said...

Slight hyperbole Goon, but as for him respecting her opinion, I'm not moved because I don't think he means it. I don't believe he particularly cares about an extremely large swath of people - I do believe he cares about a bit of showmanship. It's why I also cut Cindy Sheehan some slack whereas Klund thinks there's some grandstanding, because on his own terms, it's significantly less than he'd do to anyone else. I do differentiate between the office and the man - I just happen to think the man is representing the office so poorly in many respects that he's doing more damage and dishonor to it than you could ever ascribe to others. A pebble in a pond.

P.S. very sorry I had to turn off the anonymous comments - it wasn't due to you at all, Goon, but to the half dozen pieces of spam I had to erase this morning. Cunning dickheads. It was either de-anonymize it or make everyone look at one of those weird warped letter validation tricks.