Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Bush: Schools Should Teach Intelligent Design

I'm fairly certain that if this is the case (Bush: Schools Should Teach Intelligent Design), then Terry Pratchett's cosmology should be taught right alongside it. After all, you can't entirely prove you're not riding on a giant turtle named The Great A'Tuin who is surmounted by a number of immense elephants, and even if you could, it doesn't mean there isn't a giant turtle out there with a world on his back swimming the depths of space or that the giant turtle has messed with your head to make you think you're on a ball instead of his back. If there are people who think L. Ron was divinely inspired, then it stands to reason that TP might have been divinely inspired when he wrote his books as well.

I note W refers to Intelligent Design, which claims to embrace only the generic idea of a creator, not one (cough...Christian) in particular, so you have to wonder if they're going to model theory day in high school physics on those Myths of Greece and Rome classes you take to get out of a core credit at the U of MN because it's more like story telling at the library than work. There's not going to be a lot of time to study actual physics if you have to address all of the following aspects of creationism (after all, if you're really talking Intelligent Design - you need to provide some background and competing theories):

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