Thursday, August 18, 2005

Amazon Reviews

Harriet Klausner on Amazon has writen 9608 book reviews (oop, 9615, she's up since last time I checked, two days ago), making her the most prolific reviewer on the system. I have read approximately 360 books in the last eleven (11) years. At my rate, it would take me somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 years to catch up with her record. I have my suspicions that Harriet is either a dummy account for autoposting summaries or a group of people who are willing to read almost anything as the last few reviews include a "fantastic teen amateur sleuth tale", a "spellbinding paranormal police procedural", a "deep character study of a Nazi butcher ", and a "fine Americana historical Christian tale".

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe Harriet went through Ms. Roser's speed reading/comprehension instruction & can now consume books at an alarming rate. If only you'd focused more in class...

Oh I forgot, SQ3R! :)