Sunday, July 17, 2005


Yesterday Eryn and I went to Blackhawk Park to play at the playground. This turned out to be a bit of a mistake as even Eryn's enthusiasm can be boiled away in 90+ degree heat. She wandered around listlessly for a while until I suggested we head down to the lake, so at least we could walk in the shade. When we got down there, there was this huge de-weeding machine, which was actually two machines, the smaller one looking just like a ramp to move the weeds out of the lake, and the larger one looking like nothing quite so much as what you'd get if combines, lawn furniture and paddleboats could actually have sex.

Eryn ran across the wood bridge a few times, getting progressively pinker, and giving me orders about when I was supposed to cross or park myself (my favorite order, as it involves water, shade and a book). During one of my trips to the far side with her, I noticed what looked absolutely like a leg bone in the water: knobby on one end, then a long white part, then neatly sawed through at the other end. So, noting that they'd been dredging and might have turned something up and having actually known someone whose dog brought back human bones, I felt I should at least check it out. So, with two year old in tow, I crawled over the bridge onto an extra pontoon-type platform, broke about an 8 foot branch off a water-soaked tree, laid down, stretched as far as I could, almost into the water, and began to move weeds and pull back the....stick. At least I'm 99% certain it was a stick - I never did get it all the way back, it disappeared in the muck, and Eryn began to assure me in no uncertain terms that she too wanted an 8' stick so 'Eryn go fishin' too' - which pretty much put an end to any further work. I'm going to assume it was a stick, particularly because it seemed heavier than you'd expect a bone of the same size to be and acted like a stick when I got to flip a few times - but I don't really know the physics of bones and water and whether they get saturated/etc., so I can't say for certain.

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