Sunday, July 17, 2005


I'm something of a Wikipedia junkie. I love hitting random articles, or finding an article and just following link after link until I find something new and amusing. So, based on that, and my interest in weird religion, I point you at this particular gem - Otherkin.

And might I point out the associated link to Draconity. While I tolerate a lot of weird things, I'm not sure I could deal with someone who felt the need to identify with an Anne McCaffrey book as a way to organize their life. If you have to base your dragonish-life on a book, I'd prefer if you were my friend that you used Tolkein or that weird TLC special.

Ways of being otherkin
..."Sometimes a combination of non-human natures is professed, such as being both elf and werewolf, or angel and cat.

Some otherkin claim to feel wings, tails, and other organs from past incarnations that are not part of their human body. This sensation is similar to the "phantom limb" (phantom pain) condition, though not limited to human limbs; i.e. phantom tail, phantom wings, etc.
Otherkin often describe unusual behaviour traits that would not fit in with the mainstream of their culture. Although none of these traits are common enough to be considered identifying traits, there are some which are repeatedly mentioned by different members of the same otherkin type. Otherkin may describe strong traits or cravings which are not immediately associable with their type.

Therianthropes and vampires, especially, describe unusual cravings such as needing to eat raw meat [15] or to drink blood. [16] Many dragons describe a strong tendency to hoard, although this is a common tendency across Western society.

Therianthropes and furries may make animal sounds such as growling, purring and hissing. This may become an automatic response."

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