Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The neo-Nazi movement's Olsen twins

Addendum: Mean Mr. Mustard pointed out to me over coffee this morning that the name "Prussian Blue" is actually a reference to the color of the residue left behind after gassing Jews at concentration camps...lovely - I wonder if the girls came up with it on their own. Mr. Mustard did sarcastically append..."you know, if that ever happened."

Southern Povery Law Center's Intelligence Report has this wonderful article about a mom and her two daughters who are poised to be the breakout sensations of the neo-Nazi movement.

I must quote:

If it weren't for the electric guitars on the stage behind them, the flag with the "life rune" symbol on it, and the white-power lyrics, they could be singing hymns in church. Instead, they are entertaining a room full of neo-Nazis.

"Strike force! White survival. Strike force! Yeah," they sing, punctuating each "Strike force!" with miniature sieg heils. Some of the men in the audience return the salute, and when the girls finish, thunderous applause fills the room.


Anonymous said...

Those poor girls - either they will end up just like their mother or they will go completely the opposite and marry non-whites and work for the NAACP. AND require serious therapy.

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I hate seeing children getting involved with things like that. I mean, they can't even help it.

It's just like that Law and Order: SVU episode with the neo-nazis. And the kid died for it.