Sunday, July 03, 2005

My Fourth of July Present

Every day is a potential Father's Day at my house. Proof of point to the left. Unfortunately, I forgot to stipulate that the new hammock was mine and perhaps unavailable for sharing unless I was in absentia. When I looked at a hammock and stand two weeks ago, the total price was around $200 + tax and I passed - I can't justify that much money, even though the cost per hour enjoyed was probably going to come to something like 10 cents an hour by the time I was done. Then Pooteewheet found the hammock on Overstock for about 60% of the price, and the stand went on sale at Home Depot for $25 cheaper then it had been last week. That was a sign, in particular, a sign that I shouldn't be expending my limited energy on trying to sink a post in the back yard, or trying to attach one to the deck. As a bonus, the stand is moveable, so I can keep it upwind of the dog pen. I look a little low in it - but there's still some chain to take in, so I'm in no danger of ass-scraping. As an added feature, here's how it looks from my perspective while I'm reading or using my laptop.

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