Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Mother of All Orgies

My last post about domestic terrorism seemed to be a bit of a downer, so I thought I should present the "lighter" (sorry, I can't type it without quotes in this context) side of racism and hate in America. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a new article up about a woman in Alabama disputing the title "Wizardess", although it seems she uses it herself quite a bit. The title of this post refers to her statement that the Selma-to-Montgomery civil rights march in 1965 was "The Mother of All Orgies".

Note Gen. Forrest's tombstone in the picture - I really hope no one puts the words "Untutored Genius" on my headstone (well, urn) - even though I think I deserve it for learning SQL Reporting Services mostly on my own. As for "The First With the Most" - I'll leave that to my wife's discretion, but I'm pretty sure if it's appropriate for a confederate general, I'm the opposite side of interested.

But hey, while you're reading, also remember, the White Aryan Baby Drive really needs your child-rearing leftovers and Al Qaeda needs absolutely anyone with tan skin to serve as some sort of bait, at least according to Fox News.

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